God Forbid

by Voltaire Slapadelic

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two short tracks inspired by this election.


released January 20, 2017




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Voltaire Slapadelic

Oakland-based Hip Hop and Alt. Hip Hop rapper/producer. Voltaire has been loving hip hop since his childhood. His production style takes notes from Bay Area & Houston hip hop as well as electronic music, and lyrically has a knack for using quick, tongue-twisting lyrics. He is largely influenced by MF DOOM, Aesop Rock, & Jedi Mind Tricks, just to name a few. ... more

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Track Name: God Forbid
I send my regards
RSVP regrets
Reasons are varied
And seeming complex
Thoughts haunt my noggin
And stealing my rest
People in the street only
Seeking respect
Get smeared and arrest
Executed near their nest
Even they haven't reached
Adulthood yet
Never will they see it but
It's all good guess
Screaming at the speaker
He a badge wearing hypocrite
Tryna build a lie up
You can tell just by the pictures picked
Know if I got blasted they gon show
Me when Im dressed nice
Even though I used to trip balls
And hit the meth pipe
But if I was young and black they'd
Show me when I was like that
paint me as a thug so
the viewers keep coming back
They could tell the truth but hey
Where's the fun in that
Interview Bundy
Every week have him coming back

yeah have him coming back
Working people fight for 15
Better crush them fast
God forbid people have enough to eat
Or ever get treated
Like human beings
Always lookin after
corporations and police
Everything's just fine if you ask the elite
They laugh have a gas
And they call it a blast
Come back then they ask for
This is not an act this is factual grief
You're about to receive
That's when I felt what I feltl
Woke up black bagged in the back a jeep
This happens to be
Donald Trump's America
Inherently diseased
Been like this since
Like 1493
Nothing ever changes til
We're all out in the streets
I call it like I see and
We are not gon see defeat
Track Name: Bigger Than Trump
All of this shit is much bigger than trump
All of us need to start givin a fuck
Maybe the left should start picking up guns
Get into shape you can fight and can run
Don't wanna be stuck when these
Neo Nazi fucks start pullin their
Weight and say get in the truck
Rich vs poor
Young vs old
This is when class consciousness
system has failed or
Rather never worked
Gotta pay attention if we
Want a better world
Might be war
Won't be peace
Day 1: hate crimes increase
So day 1: we retaliate
Show them what we'll tolerate
None of that bullshit
I am not a moderate
So when they start their hollerin
And holler out they will
We will force feed the truth
Until they swallow like a pill
Wallow in their filth
And steady callin all us shills
Or statist or cuck
Whatever the fuck
Oh devil they'll never be
Clever enough
When they find they've been had
They'll be screaming for blood
You can't deny it
They're gonna crucify him
Throw pence to the lions
See my smile widen
Me I blame Hillary and
Democrats no lyin
They should ran with Bernie
Or heck, even Biden